The Interactive Online Training Program (IOTP)

The UPU has funded an online training programme called “Interactive Online Training Programme (IOTP)”. The IOTP developed by the Asian-Pacific Postal College (APPC) for the participating countries of the Operational Readiness for E-Commerce (ORE) project.

Today, there is an inauguration of the workshop on “Quality Management Service Excellence”, which is running from 25 September – 1 October.

The IOTP will be very beneficial for participating designated operators. Each ORE project participating country is welcome to nominate ONE relevant staff to attend each of the respective IOTP programmes.

– Strategic Marketing Management Workshop 1 – 7 October

– Practical E-Commerce Management Workshop 2 – 6 November

– Operations Management Workshop 2 – 6 November

– Strengthening Supply Chain-To be a leader in E-Commerce 6 – 12 November

– International Postal System (IPS) or IPS.POST Workshop 30 November – 4 December

– Setting Service Standards 4 – 10 December

– Terminal Dues Workshop 9 – 15 December