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Advanced Business Management10-28 Jan 20223 weeks
Service Quality Management10-28 Jan 20223 weeks
Postal Business Development 14 Feb- 4 Mar 20223 weeks
e-Commerce Solutions and Supply Chain Management14 Feb- 4 Mar 20223 weeks
Transformation of Postal Organization 21 Mar - 1 Apr 20222 weeks
Strategy Formulation & Execution 21 Mar - 1 Apr 20222 weeks
Parcel & Logistics Management25 Apr - 20 May 20224 weeks
Human Resource Management25 Apr - 20 May 20224 weeks
E-Business and Technology13 Jun - 1 Jul 20223 weeks
Digital Financial Services13 Jun - 1 Jul 20223 weeks
Express Mail Service1-19 Aug 20223 weeks
International Mail Accounting1-19 Aug 20223 weeks
Marketing and Innovation for Posts 19 Sep - 14 Oct 20224 weeks
Postal Management19 Sep - 21 Oct 20225 weeks
International Postal Services 7 Nov -2 Dec 20224 weeks
Operations Management7 Nov -2 Dec 20224 weeks


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Strategic Marketing Management17-21 Jan 20221 week
Quality Management for Service Excellence17-21 Jan 20221 week
Business Planning 21-25 Feb 20221 week
Supply Chain Management 21-25 Feb 20221 week
Last Mile Delivery and Fulfillment 2-6 May 20221 week
Strategic Human Resource Management2-6 May 20221 week
Driving Digital Strategy20-24 Jun 2022 1 week
Setting Service Standards20-24 Jun 2022 1 week
Terminal Dues8-12 Aug 20221 week
Leadership and Innovation Management8-12 Aug 20221 week
IPS and IPS.Post Training21-25 Nov 20221 week
Philatelic Strategy14-18 Nov 20221 week


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Advanced Business ManagementOn Demand1 week
Bespoke Training and Development On Demand1 week
Costing & Pricing CourseOn Demand1 week
E-Business & Technology ManagementOn Demand1 week
Express Mails Service CourseOn Demand1 week
Human Resource ManagementOn Demand1 week
International Mail AccountingOn Demand1 week
International Postal ServicesOn Demand1 week
Marketing & Innovation for PostsOn Demand1 week
Operations Management CourseOn Demand1 week
Parcels & Logistics ManagementOn Demand1 week
Postal Business DevelopmentOn Demand1 week
Postal Management CourseOn Demand1 week
Postal Retail & Sales ManagementOn Demand1 week
Service Quality ManagementOn Demand1 week
Strategy Formulation & ExecutionOn Demand1 week