The purpose of the APPU

is to extend, facilitate and improve postal relations between member countries and to promote cooperation in the field of postal services.

In particular APPU supports the interests of smaller and lower income members through representation at Universal Postal Union meetings.


Our in-house college provides training in a range of business and postal competencies that will Motivate - Connect - Innovate delegates from around the region.


Upcoming  Online Training 

Transformation of Postal Organizationion  26 Apr - 7 May 2021

Strategy Formulation & Execution    26 Apr - 7 May 2021

Postal Business Development   24 May - 11 Jun 2021

e-Commerce Solutions and Supply Chain Management   24 May - 11 Jun 2021

E-commerce Fuel and business Planning  31 May - 4 Jun 2021

Supply Chain Management 31 May - 4 Jun 2021


The Inauguration of the Online Training Courses on E-Commerce Solutions and Supply Chain Management (ESC) and Postal Business Development (PBD)   More


Special Governing Board Meeting 22 December more


Ms Yu Yan

Ms Padmagandha Mishra (Ms Padma)