Mr . Sandeep Kunnathodi Puthanveedu

Mr. Sandeep KP joined the APPU family as “Lecturer-cum-Consultant” in January 2023, on
secondment from the Government of India.

An Electrical and Electronics Engineer by graduation, he is a member of the Indian Civil
Service and is  an Indian Postal Service  officer  of the 2014 batch. Prior to joining
the APPU, Mr. Sandeep was actively involved in the UPU and APPU affairs in his role as
Assistant Director General (International Relations)in India Post. He  represented  India  in 
the  QSF  Board  of  the UPU and Cooperative Management Board of the Asia Pacific Cooperative
from 2019 and 2021 respectively. He has also worked as the QSF National  Coordinator  and  ORE
Country  Project Manager since  2019. He has represented the Republic of India in various
meetings of the UPU and APPU as the head of delegation as well as plenipotentiary delegate.

His areas of expertise include supply chain management, international negotiations,
human resource management and project management.

Email: [email protected]