Mr. Anucha Soonglertsongpha

Mr. Anucha Soonglertsongpha holds a Bachelor of Arts (French/English) and a Master of Project Evaluation and Management, University of Antwerp, Belgium. He has his past experiences as Course Director at APPC during 2014-2019. He has conducted both in house training and External Training Programs for many countries such as Brunei Darussalam, Hong Kong, Lao, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste and Vietnam. Under the bilateral agreement
between UPU and APPU, Mr. Anucha has served as Regional Project Facilitator (RPF) of the Operational Readiness for e-Commerce (ORE 1 and ORE 2) for Asian region during 2017-2021.As the ORE RPF for Asia, Mr. Anucha has joined many projects of the UPU as a Review Team with the UPU Experts for On-site process review, Security Certification and Quality of Service Certification
in many countries. In the postal experiences over 30 years from Thailand Post,
Mr. Anucha has gained a lot of experiences in various areas in International Postal operations,
Logistics Capabilities management for business customers of Thailand Post, Sales and Marketing of International Postal Services. From his experience, Mr. Anucha can contribute his expertise and competency for enriching the different courses of training modules of APPC in response to the requirement of the member countries and competitive environment nowadays.

Email: [email protected]