2021 EC Document

1.Opening of the Meeting
2.Approval of the
Agenda & Timetable

- Agenda

- Order of discussion

- Timetable for meeting

3.Approval of the Rules of Procedure

- Rules of Procedure of the Executive Council
4.Report on the Activities of the Union (Bureau)

- Presentation Report on the Activities of the Union (Bureau)
5.Finances of the Union (Bureau)
6.Report of the Finance Committee
7.Report of the APPC GB (Thailand)
8.Report of the APP (Australia)
9.Report of the Physical Services &E-Commerce Working Group (Australia, China

10.Report of the Postal Financial Services Working Group (Bangladesh)
11.Report of the Market Development and E-Commerce Working Group (New Zealand)

12.- Report of Supply Chain Integration Working Group (India, Japan)

- Presentation

- Appendix 1 - Presentation by Japan

- Appendix 2 - Presentation by India

- Appendix 3 - Presentation by Indonesia
13.Report of the APPU/UPU Reform Working Group (New Zealand)

Presentation on UPU contributions system - update from TF on Reform of the System
15.-Report of the UPU CA Matters Working Group (Pakistan)
16.- Waiver of Terminal Dues: proposal from Nauru

- Presentation by Nauru
17.Election of APPU Secretary General

-presentation for Election of APPU Secretary General
18.13th APPU Congress in 2022 by Thailand

Link for VDO

- Presentation by the Bureau
19.Order of seating of 13th APPU Congress
20.Presentation on the Implementation on UPU’s Regional Projects in Asia and Pacific
21.Presentation by UPU
22.Candidatures of APPU members for selection at the 27th UPU Congress
23.- Presentation on CA and POC seats for Pacific Countries

- Presentation by Nauru
24.Any other business