2019 EC Document

1. Opening of the Meeting
2. Approval of the Agenda & Timetable
3. Approval of the Rules of Procedure
4. Report on the Activities of the Union (Bureau)
5. Finances of the Union (Bureau)
- 5.1 Request from the Republic of Nauru: Reduction in Contribution to APPU Expenses
- 5.2 Review of cash position of Union, Proposal for additional management guidelines, and approval in principle for priority areas of spending
- 5.3 Advice of intention to review Bureau IT system
- 5.4 Updated position on unpaid membership contributions
6. Report of the Regional Technical Centre for Asia Pacific (RTCAP)
7. Presentation on the Implementation of UPU’s Regional Projects in Asia and Pacific (UPU)
8. Report of the Finance Committee (Australia)
9. Report of the APPC GB (Thailand)
10. Report of the APP (Australia)
11. Report of the Physical Services & E-Commerce Working Group (Australia, China)
11.1 China and Australia as Co-Chairs of the Physical Services group
11 .2 RIG Presentation (Link for Impact Tool)
12. Report of the Postal Financial Services Working Group (Bangladesh)
Postal Financial Services Working Group (Bangladesh)
13. Report of the Market Development and E-Services Working Group (New Zealand)
Market Development and E-Services Working Group
14. Report of Supply Chain Integration Working Group (India, Japan)
14.1 Presentation on Supply-Chain-Integration by Working Group
14.2 Presentation on Postal security by Tonga Post
14.3 Presentation on Postal transport by Hong Kong Post
14.4 Presentation on Electronic advance data (EAD) by Singapore Post
15 Report of the APPU/ UPU Reform Working Group (New Zealand)
APPU EC 2019 Doc 15 Reform WG Meeting
15.0 - APPU UPU Reform Working Group Agenda.
15 Add 1 UPU Reform Working Group - China
15.1 Reform WS 1 - Monitoring Implementation
15.2 WG Report on WS 2
15.3.1 Update on 2018 Membership Survey
15.3.2 Work Items Deferred to 2019 from Da Nang
15.4.1 Relocation of RTCAP

15.4.2 Legal relationship - Bureau and APP
15 .5 Reform WG Report to Plenary - RTCAP Decisions
16. Report of UPU CA Matters Working Group (Pakistan)
APPU EC 2019 Doc 16 UPU Council of Administration Matters WG presentation
APPU EC 2019 Doc 16.1 CA WG Ensuring Legal Stability of the Acts of the Union
APPU EC 2019 Doc 16.2 CA WG Japan Voluntary Fund_
17. Presentation by UPU
18. APPU EC Forum on Innovation of Postal Networks
19. Presentation by Republic of Nauru on behalf of Pacific Island members
20. APPU EC 2020 (video inviting APPU members to the Philippines)
21. Drawing of lots for the order of seating at 2020
22. Any Other Business
23. Closing of the Meeting
Itinerary for APPU EC Excursion

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