2022 Congress Document

1.Opening of the Congress
2.Roll Call
3.Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman of Congress
4.Approval of the Agenda
5.Approval of the Timetable
6.Approval of the Rules of Procedure of Congress
7.Focus and Composition of Committees and Working Groups
8.Finances of the Union (Bureau)
9.Summary Report of APPU EC (Iran)
10.Report on the APPU Activities (Bureau)
11.Presentation by the UPU Coordinator Asia Pacific and South-South Cooperation on UPU’s activities in the region
12.Report of the APP (Singapore)
13.Report of the Credentials Committee (TBC)
14.Report of the Physical Services & E-Commerce Working Group (Australia, China)
15.Report of the Postal Financial Services Working Group (Bangladesh)
16.Report of the Market Development and E-Services Working Group (New Zealand)
17.Report of Supply Chain Integration Working Group (India, Japan)
18.Report of the APPU/ UPU Reform Working Group (New Zealand)
19.Report of UPU CA Matters Working Group (Pakistan)
21.Summary report of the APPC GB (Thailand)
22.Report of the Finance Committee (Australia)
23.Establishment of the new structure 2022-2026
24.Documents relating to specific matters requiring Congress decisions
25.Election of the Secretary General of the APPU
26.Hosting of the 14th APPU Congress
27.Order of seating for the 14th APPU Congress
28.Date and venue of the 2023 APPU EC meeting
29.Any other business
30.Closing of the Congress